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Nearly a year later...but still makes sense!

Our lives have been changed dramatically over the last year, but Robin Leonard and R Leonard CSR, Inc. were early adopters of technology to ensure that clients had access to the accurate reporting of both pre-trial discovery as well as court proceedings.

Here's a link to a webinar in which Robin participated nearly a year ago, presented by the Beverly Hills Bar Association. Check it out!

Here's what was written about the webinar...just about a year ago!

"To be convened safely by ZOOM depo!

In just a few weeks, COVID-19 seems to have turned the world upside down. That’s certainly true for litigators, with social distancing, stay-home orders, and courts closed for all but emergency matters and issuing orders putting virtually everything on hold. This free program, sponsored by R. Leonard CSR, will address the current landscape, including discussion of the latest orders and procedures in place in State and Federal courts. We’ll also look at the role of technology such as remote depositions in moving matters forward during the pandemic. Finally, we’ll consider what the changes wrought by COVID-19 might mean for the future of trials and everything leading up to them.


Hillary Johns, Esq., owner of Hillary Johns, Trial Lawyer Robin Leonard CSR, President, R. Leonard CSR, Inc. Jeff Kichaven, Jeff Kichaven Commercial Mediation Moderated by Michael R. Sohigian, Esq., Law Office of Michael R. Sohigian"

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