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Thanks to our clients and resources for their generosity!

Court reporters, videographers and lawyers making a difference! As of this morning, we're up over $7,000 for Team Stan the Man in our effort to raise awareness and critical funding for pancreatic cancer research...Please raid your piggybank and make a donation to my @PanCAN #PurpleStride team! Every single dollar makes a difference for pancreatic cancer patients. And every gift you make will be matched by R Leonard CSR/Robin and Rick Leonard!

Thank you to Steve Gross, Elizabeth Eggli, Deborah Lundgren, Justin Sloggatt, Shelly Storey, Warren Jones, Tim McCoy, Nancy Kramer, Stacey Wishner, Shahrokh Mokhtarzadeh, Amy and Brian Wulfestieg, Heatherlynn Nickles Gonzalez, Teresa Leigh, Claudia Marsh, Sarinah and Ron Scherdorf, Jayne Gordon, Trevor Childers, Irene Sang, Wendy and Niels Schroeter, Mimi Bromberg, and Erin & Ethan Grunstein.

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